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Have fun and bid for great auction items while you support local sustainability and environment efforts in our annual online auction through Dec. 4

Well-known local Green Santa

Shop Green with us: The West Chester Green Team will hold its annual silent auction, titled “Season’s Greenings,” virtually again this year.  Place your bids on over 100 exciting items, from dolls and books to villa stays abroad and treats from local farms and restaurants,  between 7pm Nov. 24 and 7pm Dec. 4, click HERE.

WC Co-op basket

This fundraising format has proven very successful in the past; good for us and for you, as these items are great quality and local. Our volunteers have worked tirelessly assembling over 100 generous and local items from businesses and individuals. Please join us in 2021!

(Each item will be billed to the high bidder right after the auction ends, via an emailed Square invoice. Items not paid for within 24 hours of invoicing may be assigned to the next highest bidder. Physical objects will be made available for pickup or hand-delivered within Chester County. Certificates and printable items will be mailed or sent electronically.)

Philip Jamison watercolor/print

How will the money raised be used in 2022? All we do benefits the local community and helps us all to learn to live more sustainably. Funds are needed for developing community gardens, planting in publicly-visible areas uptown, employing an intern to help with our programs, and conducting education and outreach in the local community. 

Indian dinner

In ’22, we plan to continue all of the above programs and to add in a community celebration with Front Porch concerts around the Borough, using this cultural activity as a way to spread information about green issues and offer everyone a good time. 

The numerous photos, from the homey to the exotic, are a treat in themselves! Be sure to peruse them online.

If you’d also like to support West Chester Green Team through an online donation, please click here. To send a check, here.

Our Events

For future events, see the calendar at the bottom of the page; for past events, here. Next up:

Panel with local leaders on achieving environmental victories

DEC 7 at 7 pm panel discussion on achieving environmental victories with State Sen Carolyn Comitta, State Rep Dianne Herrin, Chester County Commissioner Josh Maxwell and Delaware River Keeper Maya van Rossum. Panel moderator: Dr. John Jackson. See full info and flyer here.

Our Inspiration

“I believe that natural beauty has a necessary place in the development of any individual or any society. I believe that whenever we destroy beauty, whenever we substitute something man-made and artificial for a natural feature of this earth, we have retarded some part of man’s spiritual growth.” – Rachel Carson

Our Mission

The West Chester Green Team is a civic organization in Chester Chester PA that works to educate the local public and to establish and nourish green initiatives in the community in harmony with nature and each other, promoting the health of all living things and of planet Earth.

About the West Chester Green Team

WCGT leaders are passionate about helping people live their daily lives in a green and sustainable manner. WCGT works through a board of about ten activists, plus hundreds of members. We invite all area residents to join us in taking action!

Our areas of focus are: reducing chemical use, promoting green energy and combating climate change, reducing use of plastics, encouraging people to plant and maintain gardens and trees (Living Landscapes), building community through events oriented to the earth and the arts (West Chester Area Transition), and other issues where we can all make a daily difference in environment and sustainability.

Our scope, the West Chester area, is approximately the West Chester School district or about 10 miles’ radius around the Borough.

As an independent environmental organization, we help our communities become more environment-conscious and sustainable, educate residents about green living, urge municipal and county governments to support our efforts, and ask businesses to become our allies. We need you; the planet needs all of us!

Are you in? To sign up for our email list or to contact us or donate, please email HERE. We don’t have formal memberships but welcome all supporters to our list; and we can also connect you to other groups throughout Chester County.

Learn about our history here.

Our Issues

Climate and Energy

We aim to help counteract the current climate crisis, reduce fossil fuel usage, and encourage the use of renewable energy. Even actions by other names help: reducing plastics and fertilizers reduces fossil fuels in manufacturing; organic gardening returns carbon to the soil; and a Transition consciousness leads people to more sustainable lives.


Flower from evil, Earth Day 2021

Everyone has heard about landfills overflowing with excessive waste, plastics that appear recyclable but aren’t, turtles choking on plastic bags, whales autopsied with hundreds of pounds of plastic in their guts, and people with microfibers in our bodies (studies have shown that each of us ingests the equivalent of one credit card of plastic per day!). Are plastics, along with chemicals, responsible in part for the US lag in health outcomes? Science can analyze and help solve the problem; art can dramatize and publicize it.

Pesticides and Herbicides

Treat Earth better!

Chemical toxins are a disaster. The names have changed since Rachel Carson blew the whistle on DDT and the like in 1962, but their toxicity and damage to environmental and human health haven’t changed. We know people with continuing health issues in adult life because they grew up in homes with compulsive application of pesticides. Taxpayers and homeowners fund spraying to kill mosquitoes, when the chief result is to knock out other slower-reproducing species, such as pollinators, fish, and amphibians. Institutions and individuals spray herbicides to kill unwanted plants, thus wiping out biodiversity and creating monocultures that in fact increase disease and pest species.

At the Melton Center, 2021

Organic Gardening

We find that people are eager to break loose from often unhealthy supermarket food and grow their own. We have sponsored organic garden tours and made a series of videos featuring different nearby locations. We also encourage the planting of trees, which improve urban quality of life, reduce heat in the air and thus reduce summer energy consumption, and which absorb chemical pollutants out of the soil and air.


Our 2021 yard sign

The International Transition network and Transition thinking have guided the Green Team toward cultivating community building and mutual support.  Our current Transition goals include: community gardening, Living Landscapes (reducing lawns and planting to attract and nourish native insects), and assisting the Borough in its voluntary initiative, Sustainable Storefronts, created to guide and recognize local businesses reducing plastic waste. Our Transition team is also planning a series of concerns on front porches to entertain and uplift the community. Read more about Transition here.

What Have We Been Doing?

In cooperation with West Chester University’s Office of Sustainability, WCGT has for several years sponsored events in the Fall Film and Forum series aimed at informing and engaging the public about how to live sustainably.

WCGT also participates in Earth Day activities each year, including rallies, marches, talks, and chalking sidewalks.

We have spread the word via yearly yard sign designs. Some of the most memorable signs are the baby in the gas mask (2016) and most recently an image from Transition symbolizing our diversity and growing together.  

Due to their mission and involvement in WC, Green Team leaders have been honored in 2021,by West Chester Mayor Jordan Norley, in recognition of service to the community. 

Please look through this site and our Facebook page, and if you have questions or comments or wish to join us, email us here.

See our calendar below. You may prefer (upper right) Agenda view, listing events in order. See also the broader Chesco Environment calendar here.