It’s time for edible wild plants

by Nathaniel Smith, Politics : A View from West Chester, 3/25/20 [Featuring shepherd’s purse, which you can add to your salads right now, and day lilies]

This is a good time to be getting outdoors, not only because of the mostly warming weather, but because it takes our minds off the cares of the world.

This is also a good time to study up on edible wild plants, which offer us free green vegetables without having to go far afield. Do shepherd’s purse, common orange day lilies, dandelion, broadleaf plantain, and ostrich ferns appeal to you? I can vouch for them all.

Wherever you gather plants, be sure herbicides and pesticides have not been used….

Below: shepherd’s purse in water, ready for final cleaning and eating. Read more at Politics: A View from West Chester

Shepherd's purse in bowl 2

World Water Day, March 22 every year

People can live a lot longer without food than without water and water is essential to growing food. On the other hand, water can kill, in storms, floods, tides, and contamination.

World Water Day is celebrated annually on March 22. See info on what we can all do regarding food (eat less meat, etc.) and fashion (it takes as much water to make one pair of jeans as the average person drinks in 7 years!!) at the UN site. And there is lots more advice there (images below).

Locally: sign up to participate in Chesco World Water Day ONLINE ZOOM EVENT. Copy and Paste into your Browser:

Sick of Plastic vigil

The video “West Chester Green Team’s Silent Vigil Against Plastic Use,” with a representative 3 minutes of speakers and views, is now available at YouTube, with the caption:

“On Feb. 14, 2020, members of WCGT and other local environmental groups gathered to silently and peacefully protest plastic usage. Photography/Editing/Production by Tristan Bruecks of West Chester Marketing Consultant Group (WESCON).”

Two stills from the video:

Time to scrape those spotted lanternfly egg masses!

from Sue Bayne, Chairperson of CASE (Civic Action South East):

Now is the time to walk your property and the parks and check for spotted lanternfly egg masses before they begin hatching in May.

Spotted lanternfly egg masses look like the attached and should be scraped into a bag filled with hand sanitizer or isopropyl alcohol. Each spotted lanternfly egg mass that gets scraped could mean 50 less pests come spring.

Thanks to Willistown Twp for their timely reminder and the photo.

Silent Vigil: Plastic Fri, February 14, 2020

Silent Vigil: Plastic
Fri, February 14, 2020, 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Historic Chester County Courthouse (corner of High and Market Streets)
West Chester, PA 19382

Sign up thru our EventBrite page so we can anticipate to the size of the group. Or use your camera to read the QR code next to the turtle below and sign up thru your smart phone.

Plastics vigil

Plastic bottles lying in the gutter. Grocery bags tangled in branches. Food wrappers scuttling across the ground on a windy day. Although such examples of litter easily come to mind, they only hint at the serious and growing problem of plastic pollution — a problem mostly hidden from view.

The West Chester Borough has signed a bill to ban single-use plastic bags and straws as of July 2, 2020. In practice, however, this will not become effective if we don’t show West Chester businesses that we are serious and want to make sure the ban is understood and followed up.

The silent vigil will be held at Historic Chester County Courthouse corner, where we can be seen and attract attention. This vigil is non-violent and as it’s a silent vigil we will not talk with the public about why we do this. To inform the public about the reason for this vigil, all of us will hold a large plastic detergent bottle and we will write a personal message about plastic on the bottle with a sharpie. We will also have small paper handouts with more details about why plastic is a problem.

You should be angry about what is happening to this earth and we want you to express your anger thru the clothes you wear. So join us and come to the Anti-Plastic vigil on Valentine’s Day and show your anger by wearing dark clothing and a hoodie.