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When making decisions most people ask, ‘Will it help me or my family now or the next shareholders’ meeting or my next election campaign?’ The hallmark of wisdom is asking, ‘What effects will the decision I make today have on future generations? On the health of the planet?'” — Jane Goodall

Donation Information

To make an online donation to advance the work of the West Chester Green Team, click here. If you plan to claim a tax deduction, our tax-deductible status is as 4CP, which now does business as WCGT. To donate by check, please send it to 112 W. Union St., West Chester PA 19382 (if you wish to claim a tax deduction, make your check out to 4CP, otherwise to WCGT).

Your donation will go toward:

  • Helping create and maintain community gardens around West Chester
  • Creating flower gardens to beautiful downtown areas
  • Raising awareness on all aspects of sustainable living
  • Funding WCGT interns to help with all our green initiatives

To contact us, please fill out the form below or email us here.

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