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Chester County officials share ideas for sustainable living at Thirsty for Justice panel discussion at West Chester University

Many thanks to the 4 distinguished Dec. 7 panelists (Senator Carolyn Comitta, Representative Dianne Herrin, Commissioner Josh Maxwell, and Faith Zerbe of Delaware Riverkeeper Network), to West Chester University Office of Sustainability Director Dr. Brad Flamm for hosting and welcoming us back to our favorite LEED-certified Business and Public Management Building, to West Chester Mayor Jordan Norley for presenting beautiful citations to WCGT founders Margaret Hudgings and Nathaniel Smith, and to the 60 environment supporters who attended!

Green Team members Nathaniel Smith, left, and Margaret Hudgings are lauded by Mayor Jordan Norley during Tuesday’s panel discussion at WCU. (SUBMITTED PHOTO-ERICA THOMPSON)

And we are grateful to reporter Bill Rettew for being with us and for his Dec. 8 article of the above title in the Daily Local News, ably describing the evening’s events, which in a timely symbol of the symbiosis between residents and elected officials brought together two legislators who are both former West Chester Mayors, a County Commissioner who is the former Mayor of Downingtown, current Mayor Norley, and incoming West Chester Mayor Lillian De Baptiste (nearest to the camera below).

Sixty residents learned how to protect the environment during a Green Team panel discussion, Tuesday, at WCU. (BILL RETTEW – MEDIANEWS GROUP)

Flowers brighten up the neighborhood

Thanks to journalist Bill Rettew of the Daily Local News for this tribute to the power of flowers and the Green Team’s efforts to beautiful our area and make it more sustainable! And of course congratulations to Christiane for her contributions to the streetscape.

As Christiane says in the article: “Planting these beautiful flowers or plants provides much more habitat and food to insects and birds compared to just grass. It’s one step you can take to contribute to the environment and it looks beautiful.”

Read more at the Daily Local News, July 7, 2021. For another example of the Green Team’s lawn-to-garden conversion program, see here.