About the West Chester Green Team

Veggies for victory yard signWould you like your very own 2020 Veggies for Victory yard sign? Contact us. Why victory over the virus? Because commercial food growing, transporting and selling are helping spread coronavirus.  And victory over climate change, because everything we do to cut down on agribusiness helps reduce fossil fuel consumption.

The West Chester Green Team was born in 2019 as an alliance of four other environment-related interest groups in West Chester: Don’t Spray Me!, Chester County Citizens for Climate Protection (4CP), Ready for 100 (i.e., 100% renewable energy), and Plastic-Free Please Action Group (PFP). See more about those groups under ABOUT THE WEST CHESTER GREEN TEAM in the menu.

Our groups speak to how people can live their daily lives in a green and sustainable manner.

The Green Team calls you to action, whether you want to start planting trees, or raise awareness about the harmful effects of toxic chemicals, or help people commit to solar energy, or stop the many balloons that are going up in the air every year and land somewhere unknown.

Join us to make our lives greener, urge our governments to support our efforts, and help our companies change. The planet needs you; ARE YOU IN?

Please look through our site and our Facebook page, and if you have questions or comments or wish to join us, email us here.