Pottstown Is USA’s 1st City To Have Flexible Plastic Recycling

By Justin Heinze, West Chester Patch, Sep 30, 2019

Plastic bags, wraps, packaging, product packaging, and more, a significant part of modern waste, can be recycled in the innovative program
Pottstown Is USA's 1st City To Have Flexible Plastic Recycling

POTTSTOWN, PA — Pottstown has been chosen as the first municipality in all of North America to pilot an innovative recycling program that could drastically reduce waste heading to landfills.

The new program will allow residents to recycle flexible plastic packaging — things like plastic bags, wraps, pouches, product packaging, potato chip bags, and more.

Typically, these types of plastics comprise a significant and growing portion of waste that goes to landfills. Now, they’ll be used to produce a new end recycled product called “rFlex.”

The pilot is possible thanks to a partnership organized by Materials for the Future, an industry-sponsored research collaborative, which searched around the nation for an appropriate partner. …

Read more at West Chester Patch. West Chester voted last month to ban single-use plastic bags and straws effective July 2020, Narberth did so in October 2018, and Philadelphia is considering it.