Radiation has gone much too far in our lives!

Adults need to be much more aware of the dangers of radiation from cellphones, WiFi routers and cell phone towers and relay stations. The dangers to the developing cells of babies and fetuses are naturally much greater. Adults who are responsible for children should exercise the greatest caution and not fall for dangerous absurdities such as shown in the advertising below. And males who wish to have children, look carefully at the sperm count chart.

Those images are from “The truth about mobile phone and wireless radiation,” a talk by Dr Devra Davis, Univ. of Melbourne, Dec 2, 2015. View the full talk here and you will never again put a cell phone in a bra or pocket (unless in airplane mode). You will use your phone with earphones and microphone. You will place your router as far as you can from where you sit and turn it off at night. And you will resist the emplacement of 5G emitters in your neighborhood and smart meters in your house.