Announcing Exploratory Committee for Transition Team West Chester

We are excited to announce the formation of an Exploratory Committee for Transition Team West Chester. It’s time to rise to the Challenge of our Time!   

What is Transition Town?  Founded in 2009 in the UK and now with affiliates around the globe, Transition Towns are groups of neighbors and friends who are concerned about climate change and the health of the planet and all of its inhabitants. 

As stated by Transition Town Media, the first in the state of PA, “We recognize that our government and institutions can’t adequately address all these concerns and that it is up to us as a community to strengthen our local economy and to keep our families happy and healthy.” 

What do Transition Towns do?  There are many options including time-banking or bartering work, free stores, repair cafes, and tool libraries.  West Chester is already doing a great deal of environmental and sustainable organizing, and many organizations are addressing issues of plastic use, organic gardening, seed banking, composting, buying nothing, and supporting local agriculture. 

We will explore whether or not to pursue the TT designation and, if so, brainstorm a plan of action for the West Chester community. If you are interested in joining this group, please contact Margaret Hudgings at  Meetings will be monthly beginning in January 2021.  All welcome.  

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