Looking for free garden space this summer?

Our coordinator Dave Lorom at the Barclay

The West Chester Green Team is again matching up residents who would like free garden space with community garden plots that we have located for summer 2022. Our garden plots are usually 4 X 4 or 4 X 8 feet (we might be able to help), tools, and your time. To the left: beds at the Barclay before planting, 3/17/22.

2021 at the Barclay

We particularly want to help area residents who wish to grow some healthy food, for themselves or to donate, but who lack space of their own. Children are very welcome to join family members in the garden areas, and we also are planning a regular program of readings and events to introduce kids to the environment.

The West Chester Green Team believes that gardening and growing food offer us all good ways to get in touch with the natural world, give us a feeling of acting for the good, and are educational to all concerned.

One bed left here (2021 late summer)

If you are interested, please act expeditiously, as some early crops can be sown as early as March, and we will assign beds as soon as we have a good match with interested people.

To apply, please email here with this information:

• Your name and names of others in the family who would be gardening with you

• Your address

An idea of what you’d like to grow

Any prior gardening experience

Any other remarks that would help us assign you to a garden.

From this year’s predecessor program: gardening for children, in 2019-20

For inspiration, see our 2020 garden video series here, a report in Hello, West Chester about our 2021 community garden program here, and “Community Gardens are Good for People” here.