Our Videos

West Chester Green Team videographer William Claudio has started shooting, editing and posting a series of 5- to 10-minute videos of West Chester area gardens and gardeners. So tune in and tour at any time here with our moderator and Gardening Programs Coordinator Courtney Bodle! We will be featuring several individual gardens and later on, themes like composting and foraging for wild food.

Dawn, Courtney, potatoes“Dawn to Garden” project: Dawn Mazzone’s dream of being part of the Lawn to Garden movement comes true with help from Courtney and the West Chester Green Team. This project began on Feb. 29, in conjunction with students from Professor Megan Schraedley’s Communications 400 class, way back when we were able to meet in person! See the first still wintry planning session here and then here how the garden took shape by early summer 2020. We’ll get back to it later to see the edible results from this first year of conversion.

Christiane Torres’s garden; click here to view the video. This is a large and highly developed veggie garden, worked on with great dedication over the years, with all kinds of vegetables in raised beds, a compost heap, and even egg-laying chickens!

Pugliese raised bedsClick here to view the tour of Chris Pugliese’s garden, which includes both veggies and flowers, with exp0lanation of how the plantings have evolved over the years. The photo shows Chris explaining his recently installed raised beds.

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