You have impact

Sometimes the ideas you have seem worthless as the impact seems low to you. And yes doing something to reduce your carbon footprint is a small step. But did we not all start like that, small steps.. and yes they do help! especially if many people make small steps. So let nothing stop you and do these small projects save the environment and it saves you the hard earned cash on the monthly energy bill.


Get Off Oil Now

I want to give you an example of how Brian a resident of Coatesville is trying to not only make a change to his life style but also helps you to learn what you can do. Please follow this link to Brian’s website and learn how Brian reduces his carbon footprint making little steps but  with big impact.

Reducing heat-loss of air-ducts

Here is an example of how small steps have big impact. The ducts of your heating/cooling system lose a lot of heat thru leaks and exposure to the cold environment of your basement. The result of completely sealing and insulating the ducts was a temperature decrease of 2 degree Fahrenheit in the basement. All that heat loss goes now into the house instead of into the basement.

Picture of the ducts after insulation: