Local Successes

Downingtown Kroger starts their path to zero-waste by 2025

Kroger, America’s largest supermarket chain, bids farewell to the plastic shopping bag.

The plastic shopping bag’s days are numbered. Major cities around the country, from Los Angeles to Chicago to Boston, have banned their use in retail settings. Consumers are noticing that it makes no sense to have so much plastic only to be used once before being discarded. And they’re exactly right.

So if you want to make a change for the better switch to Kroger and while you’re there let them know you appreciate their work!!

Solar in Birmingham Township

Solar panel fight ends in triumph for Chester County man.
Mr. Hopping sued Birmingham township, saying it was unconstitutional to prohibit roof solar panels just because of aesthetics. After a long battle, the township eventually conceded and let the Hoppings install their $60,000 rooftop solar system on their Radley Run house, facing the street.

West Chester successes

WC Friends School students made waves in West Chester when they presented to WC Borough Council on the negative effects of plastic bags. Gail and Les Silberman have reached out to local restaurants about offering plastic straws only on request. Agreeing are Iron Hill, Kildare’s, Limoncello, Classic Diner and BonBon Sushi. Thank them when you visit!

As of now, WC Borough Council has approved the plastic bag ban ordinance! However, Gov. Tom Wolf has just approved legislation that bans single-use plastic bans. This means that municipalities cannot ban single-use plastics until legislative agencies study economic and environmental impact. In the meantime, reduce your personal use of single-use plastics, and encourage local businesses to stop handing out plastic bags to consumers.

Get Off Oil Now (GOON)

A local Coatesville resident runs a blog detailing his efforts to stop his use of oil and hydrocarbons. The blog has excellent resources to educate yourself about biodiesel, windmills, solar power, and more. The blog is designed to help everyday locals like you. Please visit Brian’s website and learn how he reduces his carbon footprint by making little steps that have a big impact.