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For any reason, please email us HERE.

Please Donate to the West Chester Green Team!

We need your generous help in 2020. In the past 2 years, we have raised our needed funds at early December sit-down dinners, memorable occasions where our friends contributed by bidding for attractive auction and raffle items. This year, we are not optimistic about holding such an event.

Why do we ask for your help?

• We are paying 3 wonderful students this summer: our garden programs coordinator, our social media specialist, and out videographer. Look for great results!

• We have invested in a new yard sign, encouraging people to grow their own vegetables as part of the Climate Victory movement.

• Our free Roots ‘N’ Shoots organic veggie gardening program for kids will run twice a week from June to August.

• We are advising residents who wish to convert lawns to veggie gardens.

• Since we are unable to run our 2nd annual organic vegetable tour in person, we are making a series of videos featuring various local gardens.

• We are increasing our presence in Facebook and Instagram.

Convinced? Please help us with a donation, whether large or small.

To donate, please email us HERE and let us know:

• Do you wish to mail a check, drop a check at a door in downtown West Chester, or donate online?

• And: do you require that your donation count as tax-deductible?

We will get back to you gratefully. Help local environment and sustainability, help your neighbors organize for everyone’s benefit!